Where Are You?

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Somewhere a decision is being made that will change the trajectory of a life;

to determine if it will be one of ease or one of strife.

Somewhere a child is being abused.

Somewhere excessive force is being used.

Somewhere a mind is being mentored and challenged to think.

Somewhere a mind is going to waste,

washing dreams down a proverbial sink.

Somewhere someone prays for peace.

Somewhere someone prays for a new lease on life.

Somewhere a new life is being born,

awaiting your survival of life’s storms.

Awaiting the protection and direction

That only you can provide by being alive,

Fully focused on your dreams, vocation and location.

So, what is your current location?

GPS says that you are here. Somewhere.

Self-examination is a key skill that is required of each of us to ensure that we keep growing, maturing, reaching higher heights and developing into the person that we are created to be. Somewhere someone is waiting for what you can provide; a problem that you can solve, a life that you can touch. Self examination allows us to see if our lives are aligned with our values and the values that we profess.

Our priorities must be aligned daily with what we say we want to accomplish in life. Will our legacy speak of these when we are no longer here? We first see the concept of self-examination in the book of Genesis when God asks Adam, “Where art thou”? The question spoke more of a condition than of a place. God knew where Adam was. The question was to let him know that his condition was a result of his choices and that there are consequences. God is still examining our lives daily and wants us to do the same. He puts responsibility on each of us to examine ourselves, allow our lives to be disciplined by the principles and precepts of His Word and to make the necessary adjustments that allow us to renew our minds and change our behaviors. Self-examination is not always easy for us to do.

Here are some questions to help you with the process of self-examination, the process to discover “Where are you”?

1. What do you value and what are the principles upon which your life’s foundation is built?

2. What are your strengths?

3. What are your weaknesses?

4. What are your priorities in life?

5. What is your “why” for who you are and what you do in life?

6. What are your goals?

7. How can you bring the kingdom to earth?

8. What problem has God assigned you to make a difference with?

9. What are your spiritual gifts? Are you using them?

10. Are you living a life of integrity?

And, here are some things to consider about self-examination:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. God has a specific purpose and plan for your life.

2. Stop the negative self-talk and don’t allow others to use you for their garbage can.

3. Let the Holy Spirit guide and direct your path.

4. Journal your prayers, thoughts, and directions from God. Refer to them often as praise reports and ways to monitor where you are in relation to what God would have you do.

5. Monitor your fruitfulness, not your degree of busyness.

Remember that self-awareness and self-examination allow us to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to knowing where we are in obedience to God’s plan for our life. The above poem lets us know that someone is awaiting our impact and fulfilling our purpose in life.

So, let me ask you: “Where are you?

Rena Canady-Laster, Transformational Life Coach

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