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Apostle Kristi Jo Highwalker’s Story

An Inspiring Journey of Redemption: Apostle Kristi Jo Highwalker's Story I had the honor of sitting down with Apostle Kristi Jo Highwalker, a beacon of hope and faith whose life...

Nakia Dowdy

Interview Feature: Nakia Dowdy - A Testament of Triumph It was a profound experience to sit down with Nakia Dowdy, a remarkable young woman whose journey epitomizes the transformative power...

Sarah Grace

Interview Interview Feature: Minister and Business Owner Pastor Sarah Grace It was a privilege to sit down and chat with Pastor Sarah Grace, a dynamic figure who wears many hats—from...

 Apostle T.P. Lane

Apostle Tangela Phillips-Lane, also known as Apostle T. P. Lane, is the anointed Senior Pastor of NuViZion Kingdom of Faith Ministries, located in Salisbury, NC. She established this ministry during...

Gifted Conversations: Exclusive Video Interviews

Immerse yourself in inspiring conversations with leaders, innovators, and visionaries from around the world through Gifted Magazine's exclusive video interviews. Gain insights, wisdom, and inspiration as we delve into the stories behind their success, exploring the essence of their gifts, their journey to excellence, and their vision for a better future. Tune in to our video interviews and be empowered to unleash your own potential, one conversation at a time.

Gifted Across Generations

Explore the diverse voices and experiences of individuals spanning different generations with Gifted Magazine's Across Generations series. From seasoned professionals to emerging leaders, this series delves into the insights, wisdom, and perspectives of individuals from various age groups. Join us on a journey of discovery as we uncover the common threads that unite us across generations and celebrate the unique gifts that each age group brings to the table.

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Meet the esteemed sponsors behind Gifted Magazine's mission of celebrating excellence, inspiring purpose, and fostering community. Our sponsors play a vital role in supporting our initiatives and empowering individuals to realize their full potential. Explore our sponsors' profiles and discover how they are making a difference in the world. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us today to learn more about partnership opportunities.

Gifted Spotlight

Step into the spotlight and discover extraordinary individuals who are making a difference in their communities and beyond. Gifted Magazine's Spotlight showcases inspiring stories of resilience, innovation, and leadership from around the world. From groundbreaking entrepreneurs to visionary artists, each feature highlights the unique gifts and contributions of these remarkable individuals. Join us in celebrating their achievements and be inspired to unleash your own potential for greatness.

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