Do you constantly analyze situations and people around you? Do you feel worthless? Have you at certain moments deemed yourself inferior to others? That’s usual. Sometimes, it is normal to feel lesser than your contemporaries or peers. Almost every one of us at certain times in our lives have suffered same thing. For example, growing up as a teenager, I found other children who achieved better than me in the class as superior and this made somehow inferior. Sometimes we can be tempted to compared ourselves to others.

Nevertheless, when this begins to affect your abilities and aptitudes, then it’s time to deal with it.  The question is: How do you see yourself? Do you constantly have doubts about yourself? Or do you feel insufficient of yourself? What you must know is that you are not inferior or superior to anyone. You are unique in your own way. You are perfectly and fearfully made by God. You are not a product of evolution or an afterthought. You are the original version of yourself.

Inferiority complex is a spirit that carries a subduing force. When it takes hold of a person, it impacts upon the individual timidity and unnecessary fear. You must resist and fight against it in your life. Accept your imperfections, fix them, and polish your strengths. People under the influence of inferior complex easily forget who they are and find it hard to believe in themselves. When out of trying to belong or please a person, you lie and displease God, then know for sure that you are still under the influence of inferiority complex.

The major keys to dealing with inferiority complex include:

  • Self-acceptance and
  • Having a clear knowledge of who you are and what you want.

A lot of people have found themselves in a serious mess because they feel inadequate and lack self-value. Therefore, they do things they are not supposed to do and accept wrong persons into their lives. Job in the bible is a typical example of a person who believes in himself and had full understanding of who he was. He never gave room to inferiority in his life (Job 13:2). When his three friends were trying to persuade him to accept and confess what he did not do. He said them ‘what ye know, the same do I know also: I am not inferior unto you.’ Don’t let anyone cajole you into living in inferiority. Even if you are less privileged and imperfect in some things, even if you are short and ugly those should not be a reason for you to feel inferior before the wealthy or tall ones. Accept yourself the way you are and be proud and bold of your person. Understand that when you feel inferior before people, they may use you and dump you instead of helping you. Avoid self-pity and pray to God to correct every form deficiency you see in your life.

Uloma Elvis-Offiah

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