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Tell us about yourself: Hi! My name is Ayanna Pope, born and raised in the city of Detroit, MI! I am the youngest of four siblings and my dad’s only child! Growing up as a child, I was quite the different one! I’d always find myself thinking outside of the box and often, knowing too much for my own good without a real explanation of HOW I knew…(But I’d often be right lol). – I was that kid! It would be a difference that I would not fully know the true value of embracing boldly, and for the kingdom of God until one of the hardest seasons of my life as an adult.

How did you identify your purpose? I identified my purpose… by my areas of aggravation and irritation, met by a heart of compassion. It would be these that would point me to the path and posture to begin living passionately and purposefully in divine alignment with my calling.

What inspired you to pursue your purpose? I would have to say that God inspired me to pursue my purpose! My experience and witness of how He handled me and so many of those connected to me in some of life’s most challenging moments. It was His viewpoint and approach that I’d been invited into to address life’s problems that created the blueprint for me to follow in how I would carry on and carry out my destiny!

What challenges have you experienced throughout the pursuit of your purpose? Throughout my journey in fulfilling purpose, I’ve come across more than one kind of thing. However, my first and foremost ‘big thing’, (which I’m sure so many can relate with me when I say this) was ME; My mindset, The thoughts that had gotten the best of me, about myself; What I had and what I didn’t have…Who I had and didn’t have. I was too focused on what “I” had to work with before realizing that it was my lack that was, in fact, one of the best spaces to make my journey and path all the more glorious! After conquering me… There was truly no stopping me!

What is the name of your book? My first book published in 2016, is “Living From Fullness; Acting Empty: The Perfect Love Story For The Bruised” which takes my readers on a walk down [internal] paths to shine a light on various roadblocks that by way of life’s happenings, hinder many from living their lives and living it more abundantly. My second book, also published in 2016 is, “The Beasts Hidden In The Beauty of Success: Meeting The Rose of Your Purpose” which undresses “The Beauty” about success, and talks about “The Beasts” or obstacles that often intimate and devour dreams! I provide practical tips in this book that will help each individual conquer them all to find freedom and fulfillment in purpose!

What inspired you to write your book? What inspired me to write my first book was not only my experience but also my witness to so many others (whom I love) who were so full of potential but were simply stuck and not living their blessed lives because of issues… that had not been given the time, attention and realness coupled with truth heal and make them free into their tangible destiny!

What motivates you to become the person you are today? What motivates me to become the person that I am today… is the love of God, and remembering the impact of having [become] the person that I am today! (If I only had who I am today when I was younger! – Whew!)

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be? Never be sorry for who you truly are! – Don’t you stop being smart! Don’t you start denying or dimming down the light that is your gift and talent in this world! Don’t you stop loving yourself because you are beautiful! Instead, restore the person who is hurting and broken and continue being your amazing self! – That is what makes one’s beauty truly undeniable; The ability to sit with the hurting while embracing how greatly God has done while sitting with you!

What tips do you have for our readers that are trying to find their purpose? Take note of your irritations! Get real and start asking the hard questions! Become more willing to become confrontational [with yourself] than with other people, it is then and that you will get down to the nitty-gritty and truth of the matter to start giving God all that He’s been asking for and wanting from you in the first place.

Please provide final thoughts for Gifted Magazine. Our gifts are divinely assigned to us for a reason. God our creator knows areas within and about us that, when polished, will bring about the most value! If you are still searching to find your gift, be patient with yourself, you’ll eventually begin to take notice! And when you do, love fiercely and ungrudgingly what YOU have been gifted with! This is your measure of greatness to steward and to do well with! You get to spend a lifetime polishing your gift(s), evolving in your gift-giving, and finding new ways to serve other people while you are here alive and breathing amongst the living!


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