Month: December 2023

Marriage: Putting God First

Galatians 5:22 speaks of fruit of the spirit. Does your potential soul-mate exhibit these signs? Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness and faithfulness? I do believe that God can change the heart of any person, but is that person willing to be changed?


People also procrastinate because they ignore the value of time.  Everyone has a limited time to spend on earth. In light of this, time is the most valuable commodity you have. It’s not money; unlike time, you can borrow money, save, or earn more. You can’t do that with time. Every single second you waste is gone forever. It is important you value time and use it wisely. Seneca said, “While we waste our time hesitating and postponing, life is slipping away.”


Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is more than a Christian holiday or a Christian festival. It is an opportunity to pause and give thanks for the love, hope, and joy found in Jesus – our Saviour and friend. As we exchange gifts with loved ones, it is out of remembrance of the gift God gave us in Jesus. The gift is that we are loved, are never alone, and can have hope for the future.


Just like a valuable item that has been broken into pieces, our gifts can still be repaired and put back together. God’s grace and love are always available to restore and renew what has been damaged or neglected. It is never too late to pick up the pieces and start using our gifts again.

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