People who attend my church will tell you, I am very intentional about making sure, that I honor my husband.

 Not just here in the house but also publicly. I need to make sure that people understands, that headship have nothing to do with who is seen the most. There are different dimensions, in leadership. I want to set the example to my spiritual daughters, that it is possible to walk in a level of authority, leadership, and headship in the market place and even in the church, and don’t use certain authority over your husband. There is a way to do that. I think my husband and I do a good job doing that.

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

I always love reading your Facebook wall.  You know Facebook is so noisy, with the number of things going on. There is a certain number of walls that, I want to see first. No matter what the post is, it always come back to a oneness. I love that. It’s always here is phenomenal, mighty, apostle, and then am still a wife. Keep doing that, because that is an example that we need to see. A lot of times, when self wants to get in self way, I have to say shut up self. Because the wall convicts me. The wall of conviction.

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks

Conviction is a great thing. Without conviction, I would be back out into the world. That means that you have a relationship, with God. Conviction means that, you have an ear to hear your father and what he is doing is, correcting you and resetting your position. Re-posturing you, so you are walking in the will of the father. Conviction is a wonderful thing. Conviction will save you. It will save you from sin, from making crazy decisions, what the world needs now is more conviction.


Father we thank you, Jesus for your presence tonight. We thank you that, he that started a good work in you shall finish it. Lord we thank you that, you will never leave us, nor will you every forsake us lord God. Father we give this network to you lord God, lord we thank you for the word, we thank you for the work that you have started.

 I put Apostle before you lord God, your word says they that bless the prophet shall receive a prophet reward. In the might name of Jesus Christ, I ask you for everything that she is trusting you for that it will manifest, that her ministry shall elevate, that everything that she is doing shall elevate to the next level, that it shall triple in the name of Jesus, that you will pour out the blessings that she don’t even have room enough to receive it.

 Father we thank you Lord God that the gift shall make room for her. Father we ask you that the flood gates burst open up and rain down showers of blessings, rain down upon her. Father we submit ourselves to you, we give our selves to you as a living sacrifice. I pray that we are holy and acceptable in your sight, father never the less let you will be done, lord God in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, lord God, for who you are, for who you are we give you the praise for who you are we glorify you, we will praise you in season and out of season. No matter where we go we glorify you, and we thank you Lord. We thank you for the divine connections. Thank you, lord God, in the might name of Jesus, we pray in Jesus Name. Hallelujah Jesus, Glory to your name.


Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

If you have questions for us or Apostle Vanessa R. Brooks, feel free to reach out to us. God bless you. We start with prayer and we end with prayer.


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