lady. First is implying that there can be a 2nd, 3rd, 5th lady. We have to be careful what we are releasing.


Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

A nation, a whole army of ladies.

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks

I don’t know about you, but there is only room for 1 woman in this house and it’s this one right here. Our focus is off. One thing that I do as an Apostle, I upset some people, I kick against the grain. I kick against what the church have thought us.  I talk about things that the church thought us, that put us in bondage.

 We teach about holiness, and other things that put us in bondage. I want to see people set free and delivered, enjoying their salvation with the lord. And we can’t enjoy Jesus, if we are in yokes and bondage, that the church placed up on us. We are so busy majoring on the minors, with the women of God, that we are not teaching then how to be wives.

Your dress has to be a certain length, wear your hat, everything have to be covered. I get it, that there have to be a level of moderation, I understand that, but with all of that teaching, I hear very little teaching, helping the women to understand what it really means to be wives. Just those practical things.

I did a workshop a couple years ago, a marriage workshop. I asked a question, (How many of you in here has a speared bank accounts?) all the couple hands went up. I have an issue with that. You don’t understand marriage then. They didn’t like it at first, then they began to repent. Because, we don’t teach the content of marriage, people go into it inadvisably. If the two becomes one, that becomes your bank account, your body, your resources. If you are not prepared to do that, then don’t get married yet. My point is, we are Missing the practical applications. The women are missing that today, and they are getting married based on feelings.

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

Mesh these 2 for me apostle. 1 there is marriage ministry and 2 entrepreneur Ladies, what I have seen with a lot of entrepreneur, ministry ladies, Christian women, women of God, they still have that mine and his mentality. Because now they are in that role, how do you balance the 2? Break that down for me please. How do you marry those 2, that you are a woman of God and an Entrepreneur and is still that Godly wife?


Apostle Vanessa R Brooks

 That’s who I am.  I am an entrepreneur, the owner and CEO of creative vision consulting services, LLC, Pastor of New Canaan Covenant Church.  It’s an incorporate ministry as well. At the end of the day, I can’t lose sight of Vanessa Brooks. Again, a person is going to have to walk in a level of humility, submission, and obedience to God, to be able to merge those 2 worlds.

You have to find practical ways as a woman that the head ship that you experience in the market place, do not spills over into your marriage. Vanessa is still submitted to Michael. Vanessa is still the wife of Michael. She is still the keeper of her home. My Business is just a part of who I am. I am carful to take quite time, where I am not answering emails, text message, or inbox.

 Even if its just a couple of Hours. To just say this is just our time, where we are not going to respond to anybody. We have to learn how to merge all of those worlds, all of those different hats that we wear. We cannot allow any of those hats, to take a greater seat, than any of those other hats. That’s what God, Jesus, and The Spirt is.

 They understand that all of their roles are equally important. And God could of said Listen, I made you Jesus.  I am the father, the Holy Spirit could of said listen Jesus, we don’t need you anymore.  You are not in the earth, I live inside of everybody, so I have the greatest power. You don’t see a struggle with those 3 entities.

They work cohesively that’s what women entrepreneurs have to understand. There is s cohesiveness that still have to exist, despite the fact that you are in this leadership role, you are CEO, you are the business owner, you have a level of power and control in the market place, that’s great, now you have to learn how to marry that. You have to have a conversation with your spouse. You have to talk to your spouse; how do you feel about this position I hold? What can I do to ensure that I am not inserting authority over you?

In my situation, my husband is what we call an administrative pastor. He does the behind the scenes role at church. He is not out there on the front line, its me. It’s a little opposite with us, because I am the one that’s doing the preaching, and the lead pastoring and so on. I have to always make sure that, I am not positioning myself, or people are not positioning myself, where it looks like I am getting all the attention, or he have to take a seat to me. We have to work to make sure that doesn’t happen. Especially, because my husband is on the quite side. I have to constantly make sure that he gets the honor, and the respect that he deserves.

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