to do that, the bible says (the kingdom of God comes to live on the inside of us). You have the kingdom of God with in.

Does it say that? If you have the kingdom of God within then there is no lack in my life, my needs are met, am prosperous, I have joy of the Lord is with me. When you have that type of understand, then you as women of God, won’t have to be so focus on your wish list. When the kingdom of God is within you, you don’t need a wish list.

Why? Because the earth is the lord’s and the fullness thereof. You become an heir with God and a joint heir with Jesus Christ. You don’t have to focus on your wish list, and what you want and carnality. Those are things that can cause you to miss the man that God really have for you. He can have six figures, but if he don’t have any prayer life, six figures is not going to help me.  When the demons are riding my back.

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

You are going to end up putting him and the six figures out somewhere.

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks

Six figures is not going to help me, when depression won’t lose me. His triceps is not going to help me, when the spirit of suicide is attacking me, God have mercy. These are the things, I was delivered from, and when I was going through those things, nobody’s money could deliver me. When you marry a man that love God, that respects and reverence and honors God, all that you need God’s hands will provide for you.

We have so many women conferences, and I love women conferences, but I really want the women of God to realize that there are more to us than just being hurt and desperate for a man. Most conference just focus on hurting, broken women, and women that are looking for a husband. We are entrepreneurs, business owners, world changers, we are making a difference in the world. God is using us supernaturally and mightily.

 I just want the church to recognize that, not all women are broken and disgusted. If we keep promoting ourselves as Ruth’s, that are looking for Boas, we a presenting a certain level of desperation. All we talk about is Ruth looking for Boas. I am not looking for boas. Boas was old, and he needed somebody to take care of him. Be careful what we are asking for. We have to stop representing ourselves as desperate women. Am tired of 12 steps to get a husband. There is 1 step.

1 Step to Get A Husband

Here is the 1 step. Wait on the lord and be of good courage. The bible says he who finds a wife. Look at the verse of scripture. We got the part where he finds you. You are missing the second part of the scripture. What I am trying to do, is to teach my daughter how to be a wife. Because lot of us have a girlfriend mentality. We are mastering being a girlfriend, but we are not teaching the women how to be wives. Personally, I don’t believe women should do a lot of dating.

 If you keep going out with all these different men you are putting you heart on the line. What we need to do is teach women about principles of being a wife. Obviously if the man fines you, he is looking for a wife. He that fines a wife. Not a bed partner, a man of God, a man of honor. He is not looking for a sleep-mate, he is not looking for a wifey, he is not looking for a side chick, he is looking for a wife. He is trying to find a wife. What is a wife?

What is a Wife?

A wife is a rib of a man.

What he is looking for is someone to fill the void. Obviously, his rib is missing. He is looking for that woman who is his rib, his help meet. As women of God we need to be preparing them to become the help meet, to become the rib. When you study the rib, you find out that the rib provide oxygen to the body, oxygen to the lungs.

You are the life line for that husband, but if all you are trying to find a man that can put you in a luxury car, buy you a new weave, put you in a new house, you are not a rib. I am trying to teach women to do it God’s way, so its sustainable and will last a life time. So, they don’t have to be like me, and be married a second time, because I didn’t get it right the first time.

You know why, nobody told me. Nobody told me what a wife was. Nobody told me how to be a help meet to him. I didn’t understand the principle of being equally joined. I didn’t understand the principle of being yoked equally, so I married someone that I wasn’t even equally yoked to.

It’s hard to fix something that you are not equally yoke to. In marriage it has to be an alignment. This is why, we have to remove sexual attraction from the dating arena.  We have to remove sexual attraction completely from the equation, because as long as you are focus on his biceps, triceps, brown eyes, and curly hair, you cannot make a God decision.

Marriage is about making a God decision. This is what women are missing. That why in the book of Titus teaches the older women to teach the younger women. The problem is a lot of older women don’t like to hear the word, we are older. You have older women trying to be 20. The bible admonishes the older women to mentor the younger women. To teach them to be keepers of the home, to love their husbands. They are not teaching these things. We are so busy teaching them how to find a man that makes six figures. How to be a first lady, that we don’t know how to be a wife. I don’t want to be the first lady, I want to be the only

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