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Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

You are telling the truth Apostle. I brought that up because that was me. I divorce my husband for the same reason, because he didn’t fit the church concept of a man of God, what a powerful Man of God is suppose to be. I divorce him because, I said that I was this way with God, and he is that way and He was supposed to be, the way that I wanted him to be with God. God checked me the same way and told me, that I was the problem, so I had to go into prayer to fix myself.

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks

God will fix you. He had to readjust my eye gates. I feel the Holy Ghost Prophetess.  He had to change what my visual acuity was attracted to, because my husband didn’t fit the physical make up of what Vanessa wanted. If you submit yourself to God, God will make the necessary adjustment in your life. The first thing that God did was to Adjust my eye gate, my mind gate, and my ear gate. I remember one day sitting in church, I met my husband in church.

 I remember one day I looked at him and I said he was so fine to me, I did it in service, y’all pray for me. I was like, wow because he was a man of humility, respect, a man that love God, hardworking, quiet and soft spoken. The sound that we are so use to hearing in church, he didn’t have that sound. I almost missed it. If you submit yourself to the will of God, what use to be attractive, will no longer be attracted to you.

I got to a place where the 6’5, preaching machines was no longer attracted to me. I found out that this man was anointed with his hands. The first day I found out that he was anointed with his hands, and I knew I was interested in him was, he changed my tired at the church one day, something about how he changed my tire.

My husband is grace with a patience that every woman should pray for. I would of missed that. God spoke to me that day, when he was changing my tire (13 years ago), he said, this man has what you are going to need for your destiny. What does that mean? By nature, I am out spoken, I can go from 0 to 60 in 2.1 seconds, some of you women don’t judge me because y’all are the same way.

 I tend to be high strong, emotional, easily offended. God said you can’t take that into ministry. You cannot bring your emotions into that thing I am calling you to. You can be gifted, but how many people know that your character don’t always match your gift, and God used my husband. My sexy, fine, bone legged husband to temper me. To temper lady apostle, because there is no way in the world that you can be on the field of ministry with the kind of attitude that I had. (I preach now in 37 states, and I pastor for over 10 years), as women we are nurtures, but we can also be emotional wrecks.

 At times we tend to be led by our emotions and not the Holy Ghost. My husband have a temperance, that I did not have. I was able to glean from him. He became my strength, he became my rock. If we are not careful a lot of women will allow church folks to cause you to lose your strength and your rock. I found out that some of the couples that I was looking up to, in a shameful way, almost idolizing.

 Was miserable, their marriage didn’t even last past five years. Many of those couples today are divorce. I had a woman of God in leadership hurt me badly, God forgive. She prophesied on my wedding day and told me that, this marriage will not last more than 2 years because he is not able to carry you. Not only does he carry me, he prays for me, he supports me, when no one else is around he listens to me, he keeps me Whole, so I don’t end up being a broken, wounded female preacher, like some of these women in the body of Christ.

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

That’s true, it’s real. I have seen that too, where it is tearing down ministries.  I have served in ministries like that, when they are hurting, it’s the congregation that feels it. They feel the beat down.

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks

I walked down the aisle that day with a wounded spirit, because a leader release over my marriage before I even got a chance to get married. Had already put a curse over my marriage, before I had a chance to say I do. This is why, I want you to understand that there is power in words, and we have to be careful who we are connecting ourselves to. If they have a prophetic

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