God will never call you to a thing without provision, without giving you the wisdom and instructions to get it done. That is just not the kind of God we serve.

Ministry Power Couple

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

I love the way that you work ministry into your everyday life. I have read a post on your Facebook wall about marriage. The context of the post was about power couple in ministry. Often when we see power couple and the relationship looks unattainable, however you broke down the perception of ministry power couple. Can you please explain it for us?

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks

One of the things that happened to me was, I was thrust into ministry. When I was thrust into ministry, I looked around at all of these couples, and my perception of what I thought ministry couples look like scared me. When I met my now husband, honestly and he knows this, we didn’t seem to fit into the perception of what I saw. I almost lost my husband. My perception messed me up. God began to talk to me about being authentic.

I always wanted to be Authentic, I want to be Vanessa Brooks, that’s just who I am. God began to show me the qualities that this man had, and If I had let that go, I promise you that I would not be where I am today. Be careful that we do not allow the church, pastor, prophets, bishops, an all these people, tell us who we are suppose to be married to. You have to let God tell you, who you are suppose to be married to. I had to rip up my list. I was speaking to one of my spiritual daughters today about our lists.

 The list that we have, every woman has that list, on that list we already told God what Kind of husband we want.  I had my list and I found out in prayer, that my list did not match God’s List. Prophetess, if I had gone with my list, not only would I have fortified the husband that God had for my life, I would have forfeited my entire ministry. God had to take Vanessa on a journey, because pride set in. I found myself praying for my husband. I was going to pray for his deliverance because, I wanted him to look like all those other prophets.

 I wanted him to pray like the other prophets, have a deep theological understanding, like the other prophets. I remember one day, in prayer the Lord rebuked me deeply.  He said, your pride is going to cause you to lose the best thing, I every gave you. Instead of praying for your husband, I want you to start praying for you. At the end of the day, he said Vanessa, you are the problem. You are going to let the church cause you to lose the gift I prepared for your life before the foundation of the earth.

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